Thursday, January 19, 2012

January 2011

 Peyton 1 year old

The year my little baby girl started to make her way into becoming a toddler. Having a little girl has been so fun, and she is quite the momma's girl. On this day, we celebrated her birthday with just some close family members and friends. Grandma and Papa Eckman made the trip down from St. George, Utah to celebrate with us.

 A cute little skirt that we got from a cousin

Then came the BIG moment. The time that all parents love to see happen with their youngest. The blowing out of the candle and their first REAL taste of sugar!!!

Mommy helped in blowing out the candle

Hmmm... this is.... interesting

Okay... I'm still not sure about this

Nah, no thanks!!

If you didn't notice, the cupcake is on the floor. She wasn't interested at all in having a cupcake. So, as disappointed as I was, there were any big, messy cupcake pictures.

But there was plenty of sweet kisses to go around!!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

So, I realize that it has been a while ( like a year and a half) since I last posted. I realized how much I have been missing it an have decided to try and give it a try again. Our newest adventure was that of our little girl turned two!! I can't believe that my little baby is getting so big and growing so fast.

Peyton 2 years old

JD started first grade this year. The first week was a little rough, since he wasn't use to going to school all day. But he is now thriving and absolutely loves schoo!!

JD 6 years old

We were able to take part of some fun vacations this year, but that will have to wait until later. I thought that starting small was better than not starting at all. Another post to come.... (be patient with me, please!!)

Chelle, Reed, and JD at Rainbow bridge

Monday, October 25, 2010

Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire

At JD's school, they have a system in their class. Green is good, yellow is okay, red is bad. For the longest time, JD was getting a green after green. I was so excited thinking my little guy was perfect angel at school. One day Reed asked me how I knew that JD got a green for sure. I looked at him with a shocked face and said, "Cause JD would tell me if he got a different color. He wouldn't lie to me."

Well, about a week after Reed mentioned that, JD told me he got a green at school. I was excited, as I always was. Well, I was told that he actually got a yellow, and the day before he had received a RED!! Where both he had told me he had gotten a green! I was more upset with the fact that he lied to me about it. When I confronted him about it, he kept insisting that he had a green but eventually broke down crying and told me what he really got.

My heart was just broken with the thought of my little boy lying to me. I'm sure it wasn't the first time that he lied to me, nor will it be the last. But the thought that he did just keeps nagging at me and I don't know what to do about it. I love my little boy and want him to make the right decisions. I'm sure this post seems little and petty, but it's a big deal to me. So, now I am trying to find ways to get it through to him and lying isn't good and how it makes other people feel when you do. Hopefully, we find a way that works.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Sweet "P"

I just wanted to put a post about my little girl, Peyton. I just love her so much. I love how she cuddles in my arms. I love how she says Mama every morning when she wakes up. I love that she squeals and laughs at her brother when he is acting crazy. I love when you turn on a certain Baby Einstein movie, she hops up and down on her bum in excitement! I love how she comes crawling so fast into the bathroom when she hears the water running in the tub. I love that she wants to be included in everything that we do as a family. I love her smile. I love her laugh. I love the affect that she has had on our family. I love you, Sweet P!

Friday, September 24, 2010

First Day of School.

Okay, so I know that I am really slacking and just have not been on top of the whole blogging thing lately. I apologize, I am going to try being better at it, but I make no promises. On August 30, 2010, my baby boy (who is now 5) entered into the world of Kindergarten! Now, I have to admit that the week before I was very emotional, having panic attacks, and crying whenever I was alone at the thought of him entering into the world without me by his side. All I want to do it protect him from the world and make sure he is safe. But, he was very ready to go to school.

On the morning of, JD was very excited about getting to school. He was excited about his new folder and tote box that he he was able to take. Once at the school, which is just a walk of ten minutes away, JD saw many of his friends from his primary class that were also in his school class. Playing on the playground was so much fun. Once the bell rang, and Mrs. Bailey gave out instructions to the kids, JD gave me his big cheesy smile that he is famous for, waved, and yelled, "By Mommy!" And without looking back, he walked into his classroom.

I admit that I got teary eyed seeing my first child walking away, but at the same time I knew that he was where he was suppose to be and that he would thrive. And he has been. He loves going to school, his classmates, his teacher, and all that he is learning. He is such a smart cookie, and I just love him to death!

First Day of School

Waiting in line

Now we get homework brought home!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Salt Lake Trip Day 2 (Thanksgiving Point)

That's right, I'm starting with day 2 because I took no pictures of day one! We had so much fun up in Salt Lake with the Eckman/Olsen/Paxton families. We went to Thanksgiving Point to visit the petting zoo. We found this water thingamabob, and the guys had more fun with it then the kids did. The kids just watched it while Papa Eckman, Alan, and Jeff played with it.

Kaboom! Look out, Alan.

I love this picture of Aubrey. She looks so scared!

Once we were done playing with the water, we hit the petting zoo. Lots of farm animals, so cute. My favorite are always the horses and peacocks.

JD said it smelled.

Papa, Alan, and Jeff so so great with JD on this trip (since Reed was not able to come because of work), keeping an eye on him, playing with him, and just helping me out in general. There was this little jailhouse there and it was so cute!

JD and Alan

JD, Madison, and Garrett. They look like they are up to something.

JD on the Pony Ride

Madison looks so cute, and she loved it!!

We had so much fun at Thanksgiving Point!

Friday, June 18, 2010

Main Street Water

So the kids and I took a trip up to Utah for a week. One of those days, we went to the Main Street park where they have these waterfalls for the kids to play in. We met up with Grandma and Papa Eckman, and Aunt Aubrey and Madison. I didn't see much of JD while we were there, cause he was in the water running back and forth. Peyton was getting warm sitting around and watching, so I undressed her and get her feet and legs wet. She loved it! She flexed out her toes and bounced up and down. It was a nice warm day to play in the water.

The only time Madison and JD were near eachother. They wouldn't look at the camera.

My niece, Madison, and Papa Eckman

Peyton enjoying the water

Me and my chunky baby